Multi Protection Calming Mask



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Soothing irritation while leaving skin nourished.

Perfect for after-sun, inflamed, post-laser care or simply overworked skin

A multi-protection complex with calming serum protects the skin from internal and external causes of aging:  irritation, pollution, and UV radiation.  It also helps to restore radiance, firmness, and moisture while quenching skin’s thirst and leaving it stunning supple.

 Calm discomfort skin and smooth irritation

Loaded with skin-healing antioxidants for post-laser care

Instant thirst-relieve hydration

Reduces skin redness due to UV radiation and skin care treatment

Improve the appearance of damaged skin to healthier condition

Provide supple and firmer skin

Why this mask?

Quenching skin’s thirst instantly

Ideal for after sun and post skin treatment care

Comfort/smooth/moisture/recover—all in one mask

Skin-repairing ingredients –for your post-procedure skin care

Why is it so important?

LA FAON Multi Protection Calming Mask replenishes dry, sensitive skin while protecting it from daily sun damage (the #1 cause of wrinkles and dark spots) and post intensive skin treatment with gentle moisturizing serum. A redness-reducing, anti-inflammatory mix of soothing plant extracts, antioxidants, and Allantoin work to calm sensitive skin so it looks and acts younger and stronger. Use when needed, skin will become less prone to redness and other signs of sensitivity.

What can it do for you?

The mask comes with multi-purpose formula not only protects skin from sun damage, but also fortifies it with potent antioxidants. You will see a more even-looking skin tone, fewer visible lines and wrinkles, and the return of a younger, healthier-looking glow. It is perfect for sensitive skin and great for use around the eye area. Daily sun protection is crucial for preventing wrinkles and brown spots, while still allowing skin to look fresh, even, and healthy.

Our Promises:

Plant-based antioxidants protect skin from environmental damage

Effective protection from signs of aging like brown spots and wrinkles

Multiple anti-aging benefits for younger looking skin

Comfort than ever anti-redness and dryness

Main Ingredients:

1.  Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract – skin conditioning, enhance the appearance of dry or damaged skin and restoring suppleness

2. Bacopa Monniera Extract – improves skin complexion and stimulates skin cell regeneration.

3. Aesculus hippocastanum(Horse Chestnut)Seed Extract – Calm and smooth the irritated skin. It helps the skin to battle the signs of aging that deplete collagen and elastin from the skin. Reduced levels of collagen and elastin are a primary cause of wrinkles and sagging skin that are typical of aging skin.

4. Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate – This skin conditioning agent works to improve the appearance of dry/damaged skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness, and also functions as an anti-irritant with anti-inflammatory and skin soothing capabilities.

5. Allantoin – helps protect the skin against irritants, reduce the effects of aging.

6. Sodium Hyaluronate – gives skin volume by holding onto water and it’s the ultimate skin moisturizer.



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