Potent Radiant Emulsion



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Accelerate the skin’s natural renew process Leaving skin looking translucent and moisturized

Best features:

Thirst release formula

Use right after washing, immediate rebalance and hydrate your skin for a total refresh feeling

Serum like toner

The newest formula added and beyond the old fashioned toner. It provides great hydrating and tone your skin at the same time

Speed up the absorption

The emulsion works as a catalyst to speed up the absorption for the skin care treatment followed

Why is it so important?

It is the lightweight, silky emulsion that provides comforts and smoothing feeling right after you cleanse.  It restores skin’s natural renewal cycle and gives skin the perfect complete nutrient absorption.

How does it work for your skin?

Use this super lightweight, but rich emulsion right after you cleanse or after a long working hour at an air-conditioned room.  It helps to restore the moisture and clear away the tiredness on your skin. It leaves skin feeling visibly well-balanced, smooth, healthy-looking and even moisturized


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