LA FAON Hydra-Refreshing Cleansing Oil



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Work well with both dry and wet hands to thoroughly eliminate impurities from skin. Skin feels incredibly fresh, clean, and clear. With herbal-based oil, work deeply into pores to melt away any makeup and residue. Wash away visible fatigue and dullness and bring back the total fresh, clean, and healthy skin.

Why is it so important?

Cleansing oil is the most important step in having beautiful skin. It is the best way to bring back the stressed, tiring, and polluted skin after a hard day of work. It melts away any unpleasant makeup on your face and gives you the freshest and most soothing feeling.

How does it work for your skin?

This advanced non-oily and lightweight formula melts away makeup in seconds and remove waterproof mascara and lipstick as easier than ever. With natural plant extract oil, even the most sensitive skin can feel free to use. The oil-in-gel like texture can be used with dry or wet hands.


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