Multi-Level Whitening Mask with Micro Trans-fiber

5 Pieces/Box (25ML)


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The Whiteing Eraser

Whitening and Brightening skin

Thirst relief and visibly well-balanced with more beauty

Why it so important?

Environmental damages such as free radical, the sun’s aging rays, and pollution are everywhere and causing skin to show the signs of aging and dullness. This mask offers 10 times more powerful ingredients to penetrate deep into your skin for intense whitening effect. It helps to bring back skin’s natural glow and light up from inside out.

 What can it do for you?

This three-layer mask offers you the newest facial treatment experience than ever. With the super lightweight and thin cloth, it fits perfectly on your face without any discomfort or airtight feeling. This almost transparent cloth contains rich serum that can bring back the skin’s natural glow in just 15 minutes.

Our promises:

  • Feel whittening and brightening than ever
  • Visible whitening result in 15 minutes
  • Skin feels supple and bright
  • Double effect-hydration and whitening
  • Prevention Of Dark Spots

Main Ingredients:

  • Algae Extract–Improve moisture level, whitening
  • Niacinamide–lighten spots, brighten skin tone
  • Mandelic Acid–Anti-wrinkle, anti-aging
  • Gigawhite–Reduce dehydration, whitening, moisture
  • 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid–Even complexion, white and glow
  • Melissa officinalis– Relax skin get  comfort
  • Tranexamic Acid–  the effective to improve skin whittening and brightening


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