Galaxy Note II (AT&T)




Built for productivity, multitasking, capturing and sharing

Power and performance with 4G speed, quad-core processor on the Android platform

Truly Notable Productivity

Looking for the smartphone that can do it all- The Galaxy Note II is a powerhouse of productivity. The S Pen bringsthe simplicity of pen and paper to innovative mobile technology, plus the ability to perform multiple tasks at once. Quickly create and edit documents, and navigate with the precision of a mouse. Use Air View to get an overview of an entire library by hovering the S Pen above the display, or boost your multitasking mileage: S Memo remembers shapes, text searches and even equations.

Multitasking Pop Ups

Get more done with multitasking pop-ups that let you scribble a quick note (Pop Up Note), watch a movie while you work (Pop Up Video), or open an embedded link right from a message (Pop Up Browser).

Power & Performance

Discover the advantage of lightning-fast load times, the luxury of a generous 5.5″ HD display and the beauty of Android 4.1, Jelly Bean . Featuring a cutting-edge quad-core processor, the Galaxy Note II takes on the hardest tasks, including video and complex graphics, with processing power to spare. Built for 4G and featuring a 3100 mAh battery designed for extended power and super quick recharge times.

Intuitive Interaction

Start tapping, hovering and speaking almost instantly. Featuring the pen-like precision of the S Pen, tasks are easy to complete and intuitive to learn. Hover the S Pen to use Air View, which expands an entire file library for quick viewing. Make calls, fluidly navigate through the interface, with intuitive gestures. Or simply speak commands to the phone using S Voice.

And much more….


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