Galaxy Stellar (Verizon)




4G LTE and dual-core processor, for fast downloading and surfing

Large, vibrant 4-inch display

The freedom to customize, the convenience to keep going

New to smartphones- Not a problem. Starter Mode provides simpler home screens, giving easy access to frequently used apps, contacts, dialer widget and settings. Standard Mode provides the full Samsung TouchWiz look for advanced smartphone users. On-screen help overlays give step-by-step guides and tutorials for standard and starter mode. An Amazon™ home screen gives access to Kindle™, Amazon MP3™, Amazon shopping, IMDb Audible and Zappos. And a 2100 mAh battery and 32GB microSD™ storage* lets you run all day and store everything you need.

Life in the super-fast lane

The 4G LTE network and 1.2 GHz dual-core processor opens up a whole new world of fast. Get blistering downloads of movies and videos. Play games with smoother and more responsive graphics. Download apps in a blink of an eye, right from Google Play™ Store, and load pages from the web in seconds.

Where mobile life always looks better

Make everything a visual delight, with the large 4.0”, vibrant touch-display. All text will look sharper, web sites will jump off the page, and movies and games will come to life. And with the front- and rear-facing cameras, you’re also free to go and create your own visual wonder.


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