Galaxy Exhilarate 4GB (AT&T)




Premium experience at a value price, so anyone can enjoy a Samsung smartphone

Eco-friendly* device and energy-efficient charger conserves the environment

Premium Experience, Value Price

The Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate™ lets you experience the speed and power of today’s premium smartphones without the premium price. Like performance- You get a 1.2 GHz Dual Core Processor so you can multitask with the best of them. You also get Android™ 2.3, Gingerbread with all the apps and Google™ features you want. And you’ll be able to smoothly stream music or video while using the browser and going through your email. It’s the smartphone you and your wallet have been waiting for.

Conserve Energy and the Environment

Do your part to save the world and buy the Galaxy Exhilarate. The housing is made with 80% recycled materials. And the energy-efficient charger alerts you to unplug the device when it’s charged, helping to save electricity. Now, that’s a smart phone.

Hands-Free Convenience

This Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate is so advanced; you barely even need to touch it. Thanks to Voice Talk by Vlingo®, you just tell the phone to make a call, send an email or play music – and it obeys. In Driving Mode, Voice Talk even reads to you. You’ll be able to hear incoming emails, texts or other notifications, so you can keep your eyes on the road.


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